Zee Auto Awards 2022: ‘EVs to be as AFFORDABLE as petrol vehicles by 2023′ says Nitin Gadkari


In the second edition of Zee Auto Awards 2022, the Union Minister of Roads, Transport and Highway Nitin Gadkari stated that electric vehicles will become as affordable as petrol vehilces in 1 year, i.e., by 2023. The Union Minister also stated that India’s electric vehicle growth increased by 800 percent across all vehicle groups. About 17 lakh electric vehicles were registered in India this year. Gadkari further laid emphasis on the fact that the country currently has 1.5 lakh state transport buses, where 93 percent buses run on diesel, and many are old and unfit and hence govt’s objective is to convert all these 1.5 lakh buses into electric ones to achieve the goal of zero emission. 

Nitin Gadkari made a few more announcement’s at the second edition of Zee Auto Awards 2022. Nitin Gadkari stated that the government plans to increase the number of double-decker buses to promote tourism in India. Hence, to make it more accessible for the public, the Minister stated that the government also plans to reduce the cost of tickets for AC double-decker buses.

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He further said that India is all set to manufacture Hydrone cars in the near future. “India is all set to manufacture Hydrogen cars and a process for the same has been started. In the current scenario, Hydrogen is produced via three methods – Black Hydrogen, Brown Hydrogen and Green Hydrogen,” Gadkari said while speaking at the Zee Auto Awards. Black Hydrogen is produced with the help of coal; Brown Hydrogen is produced with the help of petrol and the Green Hydrogen is produced by water, the minister added.

“For this, we need electrolysers. They are used in separating Hydrogen from Oxygen. India has the maximum electrolysers in the world,” Gadkari said. On a lighter note, Gadkari said that even his wife didn’t believe that a car can be run from the water energy. “That’s why, I decided to travel in a hydrogen car,” Gadkari said.  

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