WATCH: Video of Air Hostess welcoming toddler son onboard Emirates flight


A viral video of a toddler giving a boarding pass to an Emirates air hostess is taking over the internet. The netizens seem to be loving the heartwarming moment of a professional interacting with a baby trying to make his way on a flight. But the story behind the video is not as simple as it might look at first glance. The Emirates crew member in the video is the mother of the toddler who welcomed her son on board by taking the boarding pass from him herself, and the internet can not keep calm about it.

The now-viral video was shared on Instagram by a page going by the name Flygirl Trigirl. In the short video, after the toddler enters the flight, he is welcomed by his Emirates crew member mother. Furthermore, the duo shared a warm hug, and the little boy then waved at the camera before getting seated.

The caption of the viral video on social media said, “The biggest VIP I’ve ever had the pleasure of boarding, and fly back to Dubai.” The viral video has now received more than 11 thousand likes on the social media platform and is flooded with netizens’ reactions.

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Many of the netizens found the interaction very cute and didn’t hesitate to express their feelings. One of the netizens commented on the video, saying, “Oh my goodness, so cute and adorable.” While one other user expressed himself by saying, “That’s the most beautiful video, so cute.”

It seems like the internet is in love with the videos of toddlers interacting with flight attendants. Recently, one other video of an Air India crew member carrying a toddler on his shoulder went viral on the internet. The interaction was similarly loved by netizens and had more than 2 million views on Instagram. Furthermore, the social media users further appreciated the airline and the changes seen in it after Tata Group’s takeover.

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