Want to get paid without ‘doing anything?’ Follow THIS man’s formula


New Delhi: People often are in search of a job where they can earn money by doing something. But what if you get paid for doing nothing?  It sounds unbelievable but this is real. Most will have gratitude emotions towards this type of job. Shoji Morimoto, 38-year, is a Tokyo resident. He is paid for doing nothing.

Morimoto started a companionship business where he have to do almost nothing. He gets paid Rs ₹5,679 (10,000 yen) per hour. The 38-year-old Tokyo resident will follow clients and serve as a friend. He asserts that during the last four years, he has managed about 4,000 sessions. (Also Read: No RONA-DHONA, work 18 hours a day,’ CEO gets brutally trolled for a message to freshers)

He has close to a quarter of a million followers on Twitter. He said that he found most of the clients from there. One of them, who accounts for around a fifth of his business, has hired him 270 times. Morimoto currently bears all household expenses exclusively through his companionship business. (Also Read: Want to get blue tick on Instagram? Follow THIS simple formula)

He claimed to see one or two clients every day but did not discloses his income. Before the pandemic, he got three or four clients each day.

“Basically, I rent myself out. My job is to be wherever my clients want me to be and to do nothing in particular,” he said to Reuters. He worked for a publishing company before he started doing the companionship business.

What is a Companionship Business?

A companionship business is a service business to accompany someone. In other words, it is an equal part caring partner. The person in that business helps someone to go through different household chores, personal assistance, and many more services like this.

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