Video of ‘itchy’ elephant rubbing against a car and damaging it goes VIRAL


A video clip from an unknown location has gone viral for both the right and wrong reasons. As seen in the video, a wild elephant crossing the road is scratching itself against a car passing through a forest. The video is both hilarious and terrifying and has crossed 2.3 million views and more than 46,000 likes on Twitter alone. The clip is shared by Twitter user Buitengebieden recently. In the clip, the wild elephant comes near the vehicle and starts rubbing itself against the vehicle, a grey coloured sedan. Due to the heavy built of the mammal, the car gets severely damaged, especially the bonnet area is crushed from the weight of the elephant.

As seen, the elephant first tries to climb the left side front wheel of the car. It later moves to the front and almost sits on the car’s bonnet to scratch the back. However not satisfied with it also, the elephant almost stands on the car and in the process, breaks the bonnet of the car, which splits from the vehicle as the driver reverses the car.

“What do you do when you’re itchy and you’re an elephant?” the caption of the post reads. While the clip has left internet users in splits, it’s also raise serious safety concerns for people passing through the forest area.

One user jokingly wrote, “I’m imagining explaining this to the insurance company.” Another said, “How could anyone not believe that an elephant scratched it’s butt on their car? Lol.” A third commented, “I would at the same time be terrified and break a rib trying not to laugh,” while a fourth hilariously added, “The elephant is using the car as a toilet paper”. 

There are many such forest roads in India, where car drivers face wild animals on a daily basis, especially elephants. In North India alone, Rajaji National Park and Corbett National Park are known to witness elephants coming on roads with heavy vehicle movement.

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