Shocking! Baby falls out of moving car in China, vehicle leaves kid behind


A shocking video of a child falling out of a car has been going viral on the internet. Based on the reports, the video of the toddler falling out of a car window at a traffic junction is from China’s Ningbo. It is to be noted that the whole incident took place on a busy road. Moreover, the drivers of the car did not stop the car to pick up the baby. Instead, the baby was rescued by others crossing the road who rushed to save the child. The infant has survived the fall.

Siraj Noorani uploaded the video on Twitter. In the video, the car can be seen slowing down at a traffic point, and the infant can be seen leaning out of the slowing vehicle. Within moments the baby leaning out can be seen falling out of the car. While the baby is crying, the car’s driver carelessly moves away. Other drivers hurried to save the baby. According to The South China Morning Post, the toddler was only slightly hurt when she was rushed to a nearby hospital. A CCTV camera placed at the traffic intersection recorded the incident.

Since the video went viral, the internet has been divided on the incident. Some of the netizens were concerned about the baby’s safety, while others made shocking theories. A part of the internet believes that the baby was pushed out of the window on purpose. They support their theory by the fact that the vehicle was not stopped even after the baby fell out of the window.

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One of the users said, “If we take a close look, the girl seems to have been pushed out, not slipped out! The car was at a stop light when the incident occurred, and one can see the car driving away! Look at the baby kicking his/her legs as in a tantrum or anger. Those in the car didn’t care.” While others slammed, the vehicle’s owner is saying, “These careless (baby’s parents/relatives) couple or caretaker should get punished with severe warning.”

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