SBI YONO: Customers can now open ‘Savings Account’ online; Here’s HOW


New Delhi: Making the process of opening a savings bank account easier and contactless, India’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) has informed that customers can now open a SBI digital savings account from anywhere without any need to visit the branch physically. The new facility called ‘KYC video feature’ allows to open Savings Account through contanct less procedures. This new feature is powered by Aritifical intelligence, which is safe and secure.

Customers not only can open account from their homes but also the facility is available 24X7, meaning they can avail it anytime. Customers need to apply on YONO app to begin the process.

Announcing the new facility, SBI tweeted a video on September 3 and wrote, “You may open a #SavingsAccount with us without going to the bank. You may create a savings account ANYTIME and ANYWHERE thanks to the brand-new KYC video function, which streamlines the procedure. Apply now on YONO!”

Customers won’t need to visit the physical branch of the bank to open a saving bank account. SBI new feature called KYC video allows the bank to open customers’ digital savings account without the need of physical presence.

The entire process is fully digital, meaning not a single branch visit required. Besides, Know your customer (KYC) is done through  Aadhaar authentication and Video call. 

Keeping the customer satisfaction first, the process is quick and hassle-free. You can schedule call as per your convenience.  Morover, YONO (SBI official app) registration process is also become simple once the account is opened.

Each individual can open only one SBI Digital savings account, as per SBI webiste. The Digital Savings account can be closed by making a written request at the home branch only. Besides, Branch selected by the applicant will be considered as Home Branch for opening Digital Savings Account.

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