Nitin Gadkari to work with state government to increase road safety on highway


The idea of raising the top speed limit for cars on expressways and highways will be debated at this week’s Transportation Development Council (TDC) meeting in Bengaluru, according to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. The meeting will also cover another proposal to enact legislation permitting the use of Indian musical instruments as vehicle horns, the official said. The minister of highways and road transportation added that as state governments are responsible for maintaining law and order, he is attempting to engage with them to identify ways to lower accidents on National Highways. 

Gadkari on Thursday will inaugurate a three-day conference cum public Expo Manthan in Bengaluru to anchor discussions across multiple issues and opportunities in the infrastructure sector. In addition, the 41st Meeting of the Transport Development Council will be organised during the programme.

Issues related to increasing the maximum speed limit on expressways and making a law to use only the sound of Indian musical instruments as a horn of vehicles will be deliberated in this week’s TDC meeting, he told reporters here.

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Currently, the maximum speed limit notified by the road transport ministry is 100 kmph on national highways for cars and 120 kmph on expressways. The minister also said that to reduce accidents, he will ask private competent agencies to conduct safety audits of National Highways.

Last year, Gadkari said he was also studying the sirens used by ambulances and police vehicles and replacing them with a more pleasant tune played on the All India Radio.

The minister also said he is also considering a plan to mandate seat belts for inter-city buses.

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