GOOD NEWS Pet Lovers! Now travel on train with your ‘LOVED ONES,’ here’s how


Indian Railways is always on the lookout for making passengers’ rail journeys easy and comfortable. From initiating special train services to allowing pets onboard, Indian Railways never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to providing convenience to travellers. Pets are indeed like family members and hence, Indian Railways has made it extremely easy for passengers to travel with their pets by following certain guidelines by the statutory body. The Railways have regulations and guidelines which are to be followed depending on the size of animals from elephants to birds. Though some animals have to be transported in separate designated coaches, domestic animals such as cats, and dogs can accompany their masters in the same coaches. 

Recently a passenger took to Twitter to thank Indian Railways as the traveller took the journey along with her pet. “Thank you so much Indian railways. I followed the process and a coupe has been allotted to me and my pet Gucci. We are both super happy now,” tweeted the passenger. “Friendly for everyone! Indian Railways for You,” replied Indian Railways in a tweet.

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Here’s how you can book your train journey along with your pet in 7 simple steps:

1) To travel with pets, the passengers will have to book the entire coupe- two or four berths- in AC First class and First-class compartments only. 

2) Passengers can carry their pet dogs in dog boxes in Second class luggage and brake van. Dog boxes are available on trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi express.

3) If the pet is carried in a dog box, then Rs 30 per kilogram will be charged from the pet parent. Meanwhile, Rs 60 per kilogram will be charged if the pet is travelling with the pet parent in a passenger coach. 

4) No advance bookings can be made for pets. The bookings for pets are done at the counters one hour before the departure of the train, hence owners are requested to reach the station at the required time. 

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5) If a pet does not have a prior booking, then the owner of the pet will be charged which will be equal to six times the luggage scale rate, subject to a minimum of Rs 50. 

6) No pets are allowed in AC two-tier, AC three-tier, AC chair car, sleeper class, and second-class compartments. 

7) Pet owners are responsible for feeding pets throughout the journey. 

As per the policy, Railways will not be responsible for the loss, destruction, damage, deterioration, or non-delivery of animals after the termination of transit as defined in section 99 of the Railways Act.

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