Employee fired for 20 minutes delay in reaching office, netizens react


New Delhi: A Reddit user documented the “unfair treatment” meted out to them and their coworkers in a now-viral post. The post, which has nearly 79,000 likes, discussed how one of their coworkers was fired from that office for being 20 minutes late. 

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They collectively decided that they will arrive late to work until the management relented.

“We emphasised unjust treatment for being late is not something we desire,” the Reddit user added, “and then me and another coworker said that we were simply straight up concerned that we would get fired due to a mistake or slip up.”

The user and his irate coworkers urged their boss that they needed job security, especially in these unpredictable times.

Their boss informed them that they would not be dismissed as long as they did not become “aggressive.”

They also called the employee they had fired and offered them a new position. The employee, however, denied the offer, stating that they will not return until things change at the office, according to the Reddit user.

The user went on to say that they wanted to demonstrate that they were not disposable. “We all have a job and a specific area in which we excel,” they noted.

Others on Reddit offered their own stories in the comments section.

“I was dismissed three months after a huge snowstorm in the South,” they stated. “She (their boss) actually used it against me, saying she didn’t trust me when I said I couldn’t come in.”

“Hardest worker in my department, given verbal permission for a day off, supervisor didn’t notify anyone, boss fired me the next day,” stated another. “I explained the situation, and the boss refused to listen, so that was that.”

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