Elon Musk’s father says he’s not proud of his world’s richest son


New Delhi: In an interview with Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Elon Musk’s father, Errol Musk, stated that he is not proud of his wealthy son. He went on to imply that Elon was dissatisfied with his own career progression. “No,” Errol said when asked if he was proud of Elon’s accomplishment. We’re a family that’s been doing a lot of things for a long time; it’s not like we just started doing something.”

Errol admitted that his three children have accompanied him on trips throughout the world since they were young, and that Elon has “kind of truly surpassed the mark.” He stated that Elon wasn’t as happy as he would like to be because he thought he was behind schedule with his different businesses. Elon believes that his current position should have been attained five years ago. Read More: PhonePe files complaint against ex-employees for burning QR codes, Paytm responds

Though it is uncertain whether Errol’s other son, Kimbal Musk, is a billionaire, Errol asserted that he is, despite the fact that he is not nearly as affluent as Elon. Errol also expressed concern that Elon might be unable to find a partner willing to give up his profession for him. Read More: ED recovers Rs 11 lakh from Sanjay Raut, Rs 50 crore from Arpita Mukherjee: Know how much cash and gold you can keep at home without fearing income tax raids

He revealed that he believed Elon would have a difficult time finding a mate who would give up what she was sacrificing for him. Elon has been married to Justine Musk once, twice to Talulah Riley, and has had relationships with celebrities such as Grimes and Amber Heard.

Errol just stated that he had a second child roughly three years ago with his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout. “The only reason we’re on this planet is to breed,” Errol told The Sun. He claimed that this “wasn’t intentional,” but he most certainly impregnated Bezuidenhout over the year and a half they shared after the birth of their son Rushi.

Errol commented on Elon’s recent shirtless images, saying that his son is physically powerful but “eats poorly.” He went on to say that he had advised him to take diet tablets.

Elon recently denied a story that he had an affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife, Nicole Shanahan. “This is complete nonsense. Sergey and I are pals that attended a party last night! I’ve only seen Nicole twice in three years, both times in large groups. Nothing romantic,” the CEO said in response to a Wall Street Journal report. According to the report, the affair between Shanahan and Musk may have terminated their friendship.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “the interaction with Mr Musk took place in early December 2021, at the Art Basel exhibition in Miami… Art Basel is a multi-day annual festival that attracts wealthy visitors from all over the world.”

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