‘Bada Hathi on Chota Hathi’ Elephant on Tata Ace is both amusing and dangerous


It’s a known fact that Indian roads are some of the most dangerous roads to drive your vehicle, or even for the pedestrians. While a number of factors contribute to the lack of safety standards on the Indian roads, one major factor is lack of driving etiquettes and basic sense of driving. In one such incident, a small commercial vehicle driver was seen transporting a big elephant at the back of the Tata Ace, on an attached trailer. The video of the mammoth animal being transported on a small vehicle like Tata Ace has been recorded by another person travelling in his car and shared on Instagram.

Interestingly, Tata Ace is marketed in the Indian market as ‘Chota Hathi’ and another ‘Hathi’ being transported on the Tata Ace has generated a lot of memes. But fun aside, transporting such a heavy animal is not only dangerous for the animal, but for everyone around and driving behaviour like this makes the Indian roads so perilous and challenging for everyone to travel on. 

It looks like a busy highway with plenty of cars around. And on the middle of this highway, there is this Tata Ace carrying a mammoth elephant. There is a trailer attached to the compact pickup truck on which the feet of the elephant seem to be tied. That is the only harness that has secured the giant elephant to its place.

Now, since the trailer is too small for the elephant to sit, it has to keep standing. But that is exactly what makes this entire procedure so unpredictable and unsafe. On hard braking, the animal could easily fall off. Since its feet are tied it could land awkwardly on the road causing other cars to become a victim. That could create a litany of collisions since sudden manoeuvring could cause disturbance to the flow of traffic. Therefore, such an attempt could prove to be fatal for the animal, as well as for everyone around

Finally, the average weight of the elephant could easily be around 4,000 kg. However, the load-bearing capacity of the Tata Ace is a mere 750 kg. That is already a huge blunder and represents the carelessness of the people trying to carry weight for which the pickup truck is not engineered. Such huge elephants must be transported using huge trucks which are covered and provide sufficient safety to the animal and enough area for it to sit. We hope that this doesn’t cause any harm to anyone.

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